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Information architecture, software design, experience modelling, customer experience consultancy - it's all systems thinking

I help organisations to better understand the needs of their customers and stakeholders, and design solutions that meet those needs in more effective, pleasing and enjoyable ways.

This means I offer skills and services in the following four areas:

  • Software design - including Rich Internet Applications (in Flex and Silverlight) and desktop apps (in Java, WPF, Silverlight and Air) for complex and financial problem spaces, including e-trading and visualisation across multiple asset classes.

  • Information architecture - across the web and mobile platforms and including UX and proposition design, content strategy, brand and identity development.

  • Research - including experience modelling of customers and users, analysis of complex, poorly-understood problem spaces and synthesis of compelling, commercially-focussed recommendations for presentation to senior stakeholders

  • Origination - of novel and innovative solutions ranging freely across process, brand, creative, design, technical and change.

Most recently
I've been designing RIAs and other types of software in the fabulously talented UX team of the very American Morgan Stanley, busily learning the private language of investment banking (asset classes, complex financial instruments, analytics, indices, arbitrage, and so on).

Whilst there, I spent a lot of time working to elaborate and refine the existing behaviour and functionality of the Flex-authored, browser-based Matrix etrading application, although I also had the opportunity to design other systems for private wealth management based on WPF.

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