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Contract :: user experience consultant :: 2010

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If you're the UK's biggest publisher of used commercial vehicle adverts, how do you ensure that your advertisers (i.e. sellers of vans, trucks, plant machinery, etc) can quickly and easily create adverts that will always have consistently clean and well-formed data (because this is key from a search engine optimisation point of view)?

Moreover, how do you do this, knowing full well that often the advertisers might not have an internet connection, and are sitting in a draughty metal hut?

The answer is that you create a software application to work both offline (i.e. without any available internet connection) and online, that generates clean, well-formed data by minimsing the opportunity for manual text entry, that is delightfully easy to use, and self-teaching in all important respects.

This was the challenge and the solution for the AutoTrader TraderConnect app.

Authored in Silverlight 4, this was a great software design project: quite short, very intense, difficult at times, but ultimately very rewarding.

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