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British Airways

"Escape" interactive TV service

Permenant :: Creative writer :: 1998

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Before the dotcom crash, interactive TV was the slow, clunky version of the Internet attracting a serious amount of cash from all sources.

For Victoria Real, then consolidating their reputation as DTV experts, the chance to hook up with an aggressive partner - Online Magic, as they were called then - with an enviable client list proved too tempting to turn down.

The result of the collaboration was "Escape" for British Airways, a pilot of an enhanced TV service intended very much as a "toe in the water" for the client, to get a sense of what the technology could do and what was involved in creating such services in the long term.

The collaboration between Victoria Real and Online Magic did not prove ultimately successful, but I had a great chance to write a commercial interactive script for an enhanced TV service, and to see first hand how to create a "televisual" enhanced service (as opposed to a HTML-constructed interactive service).

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