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Permenant :: senior producer :: 2003

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The OneMusic website is the premier online destination for aspiring music makers and industry officiandoes in the UK. As part of a re-design planned for launch in October 2003, the highly successful and busy OneMusic team approached Getfrank with a proposition: can you bring the process of learning how to successfully make, publish and promote music to life?

As lead information architect and project manager, my creative response was "Industry Escapades" - an interactive guide to the roles, jobs and opportunities within the music industry that aimed to explain the labyrinthine complexities of the business to people seeking a way in.

Distinctive illustration, simple animation and compelling content brought the issues and difficulties of achieving much sought-after success in the music business to life.

Industry Escapades went live on the new OneMusic site in September 2003, to a welcome hurrah from the client, and what's more is still live today!

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