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Cadbury Schweppes

Global intranet

Contract :: senior information architect :: 2006

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During a very enjoyable spell at Corporate Edge during the early summer of 2006, I was lucky enough to be in a position to help Cadbury Schweppes re-architect their global intranet.

There was the usual context for such a high-profile corporate project: uncaring timescales (dictated by blunt process), laudable aims and an enthusiastic and geographically disparate project team.

The project was complicated by the need to reconcile the integrative needs of the global Group with the need for the four major regions of the organisation to preserve their independence in terms of visual identity and culture. This delicate balancing act was made more interesting by the very loose cohesion between the various parts of the global company, particularly in terms of shared IT resources and databases.

Rapid wireframing and taxonomy development to hit a pilot deployment in the Amercicas Beverage region in Sep 2006 was the order of the day for this project (together with a lamentable lack of time for detailed user testing of course).

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