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A "finance Facebook"

Contract :: Information architect :: 2008-2009

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Defaqto are a market-leading independent provider of financial services research. Experienced in the collection, collation and analysis of market data, they're a respected source of detailed product and service information.

In November 2008 I was asked by the CEO of Defaqto, Kenn Herskind, to take on the origination and design of an innovative financial services social networking product, working up from just a verbal idea to beta launch.

I enthusiastically set about things, creating a massively intricate project plan, interviewing potential users of the product and then creating detailed personas, creating a multi-tiered conceptual model, as well as a working taxonomy, and then briskly starting the process of page-level IA with exploratory wireframes.

And sadly, that's where my involvement ended!

After agreeing the project plan, and professing satisfaction with all the deliverables to date, the CEO turned around and claimed that he wanted results - i.e. working PHP code - faster, and believed he could get it without a full UX solution in place. He claimed that his developers were being held back; that I didn't understand the commercial context; that I didn't understand the proposition.

He was wrong on all counts of course, and didn't got his code (working or otherwise) any faster. But there's just no telling some people...

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