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Permanent :: producer :: 1999

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In the heady pre dotcom-crash days, interactive TV was attracting a serious amount of money from just about every quarter. For Victoria Real, then consolidating their reputation as DTV experts, the planned launch of BSkyB's ill-fated Open.... interactive TV platform represented a company-fortune making opportunity.

After one of the most intensive pitches I have ever experienced, the deal was won during the last months of 1998, and the DTV team at Victoria Real set to work on their first real assignment.

After much collective effort - at the creative, project management, technical and account levels - we unfortunately discovered that the Open.... platform had actually been conceiveed to sell CDs and clothes, and not food!

Thus began a sorry episode over the course of the next 18 months, as we struggled against the limitations of the technology to deliver a working service that satisfied the client and their customers.

I don't think we ever really succeeded: a failing that merely confirmed to me what I was thinking at the time, namely, the ill-thought-out nature of the whole DTV proposition. But that's another story...

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