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Contract :: user experience consultant :: 2008

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Kittiwake Developments Ltd is a niche engineering business in the South-east, producing a variety of marine testing tools and applications.

On the invitation of their marketing manager in the summer of 2008, I undertook an expert review of their existing website, looking in detail at the online provision offered to Kittiwake customers, and provided a professional user-centred design (UCD) critique of that provision.

The critique took into account all relevant areas of information architecture and design, including visual design and brand, taxonomy and navigation, search, content and usability in a general sense. The Home page was also considered as a separate topic.

The goal of the expert review was three-fold. One, to uncover those areas of practice, implementation and content where the existing online provision provided by Kittiwake to its customers is failing. Two, to explain those failings in the context of modern best practise of web design and information architecture. Third, to suggest potential solutions to the identified problems, with the ultimate aim of improving the customer experience, and thereby increasing the commercial effectiveness of the site.

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