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British Eurosport interactive TV demo

Permanent :: producer :: 1998

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1998 was the year when interactive TV looked set to take over the world. At the time, NTL were jockeying for position as one of providers of these new services - but they themselves had a job of persuasion to do with their own clients, the TV companies and sponsors.

VR were commissioned by NTL to produce a demo of an interactive service for exactly one of these TV companies, British Eurosport. I took up the challenge of creating and architecting this demo service - I'd never done anything like this before - but learned quickly as I went, and had a great time doing it too.

I don't think British Eurosport ever went live with an interactive enhancement to the sports offering on the cable platform - but then that says more about the paucity of the technical infrastructure available at the time and the holes in the whole DTV proposition than anything else!

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