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Royal Bank of Scotland

Contract :: user experience consultant :: 2009

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As a part of my 2009 engagement with Headlondon I undertook a research exercise for a grouping within RBS called Global Transaction Services (GTS). 

GTS offer products and services to bank business customers to help them with their day to day requirements in relation to payables and receivables i.e. tools to help reconcile their accounts, making and receiving manual and electronic payments, providing solutions to finance overseas trade etc.

At the time of the research, the GTS team were planning on introducing a telephone-based sales desk to augment/replace already existing sales provision, and the aim of my research was to understand whether this was something that would genuinely aid in the sales process. Because does the Bank always understand the customers' needs? Does the customer always understand why Bank staff ask the questions they do?  

The research itself was relatively straight-forward to conduct - using adaptively scripted interviews with both RBS business customers and GTS stakeholders. The results were much less straight-forward, revealing deep, politically sensitive fracture lines in approach and process within GTS.

All in all, a highly enjoyable and stimulating piece of research to conduct and analyse.

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