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Rail Passengers Council

Permanent :: senior producer :: 2002

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In 2002, Getfrank were commissioned by the Strategic Rail Authority (SRA) to respond to the business requirements of the (now defunct) Rail Passengers Council (RPC), for an online, multi-lingual portal service conceived to reflect the "federal", passenger-focused work of the RPC. Getfrank were also asked to help define the scope and practical limits of the business requirements for the website, and to help choose an appropriate technology platform that could deliver their needs whilst staying within strictly circumscribed budgetary limits.

As producer and principal information architect, and using the existing brand collateral (principally logos and logotypes), I led a team that conceived and designed the entire RPC site to be a quick and effective UI that simultaneously adhered to all relevaqant accessibility guidelines.

We developed using a technology recommendation from the open source community - the Zope web application server - that was able to address all of the RPC’s key requirements. Technical and information architecture design flowed naturally out from this choice, with its concomitant flexibility, stability and lack of exorbitant licensing costs.

We were responsible for the interactive design and technical architecture of the RPC site, including the technical development of a powerful content management system to allow multiple regional administrators to manage content across the regional site(s) that make up the portal. The site had several novel features, including "sideways" navigation across the entire federal structure of the site, polls and discussions, specialised content publishing, all underpinned by extensive database functionality.

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