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Dr Stuart A. Jackson, PhD

or just "stu"

I'm an information and experience architect, customer experience consultant, systems thinker and software designer who works in interactive, design and technology spaces.

I help organisations to better understand the needs of their customers and stakeholders, and design solutions that meet those needs in more effective, pleasing and enjoyable ways.

I'm a published writer and novelist, hold a PhD in an abstract field of computational psychology, cook fantastic curries, and am father to Ruby Elizabeth (12 years) and Indigo Persephone (9 years).

And I'm still trying to decide which of these achievements I'm most proud of ...

The Early Years
I graduated in Experimental Psychology from the University of Sussex in 1989, and went on to do three years of post-graduate study at the University of Exeter, before being awarded my doctorate in the summer of 1992. The results of my research efforts appear in a number of academic articles and publications, as well as a book based upon my thesis, entitled Connectionism and Meaning.

Doing the writing thing
After a spell of post-doctoral research at the universities of Exeter and Sheffield - during which time I realized precisely to what extent I did not want to be a professional academic - I made a personal decision in the Spring of 1995 to leave academia, and pursue my interests in creative writing. I completed a science-fantasy novel Water in the summer of 1995 (published as an e-book by the now-defunct eBook Press, and still (sort of) available on, completed a second novel A Dream of Albion in the spring of 1996, followed by a novella - Either/Or meets Both/And (a quantum love story) - in the autumn of the same year.

I am currently working on (qua ignoring) two other novels simultaneously: Bleeders (a "prequel" to Water) and The Antinomy of the Liar (a "sequel" to Water), respectively, the first and third volumes in what I have come to call the Cardinal sequence.

By way of other pursuits
I have a healthy interest in vegetarian and Indian cookery and Ultimate Frisbee (even though my old creaking bones don't get the chance much these days) and listening to Radiohead (and anything by Thom Yorke) and the White Stripes and Spacemen 3 and playing Go (badly) and science fiction and trying to coerce Wordpress to appear as I'd like it to (and generally failing) and philosophy and popular science and massage and cycling and running (see previous comments about old bones) and wildlife programmes and Eastern mysticism and being in Brighton in the summer and long sentences with no punctuation in homage to James Joyce (and yes I have read Ulysses but gave up on Finnegans Wake after 3 pages and love giving my "Joycean Machine" a good run for its money every now and again and wish I could write streamofconsciousness stuff as well as Joyce but realise that is as impossible as pliable diamond.

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