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What floats my boat?

Some (many) people are motivated by the desire for money.

I am too, though not really by the need for excess reward (which I reserve the right to define for myself). That said, my children and I have certain minimum requirements, and certain aspirations, and any lack in being able to accommodate these in measures that I judge as appropriate is always a significant inhibitory force on my energy and commitment.

Some (many) people are motivated by professional recognition.

I am too, because I like to have the respect and affection of the people I work with.

Some people (less than many?) are motivated by the desire to control others and, by implication one supposes, their own life.

I am not. I have never craved power, and do not consider myself the kind of person that must always be in charge: you miss out on the fun of collaboration if you're too pathologically intent on telling people what to think and believe all the time. That said, I do generally find myself falling naturally into leadership roles.

Really, for me, itís all very simple. I want and need to believe I am making a contribution that, within the terms of my own moral compass, means I leave things better after being involved with them than they were before I was involved with them.

I reserve of course the right (within consensual boundaries) to determine for myself what qualitative terms like "better", "worth", "contribution" (and indeed "morals") actually mean :)

So what floats my boat? Simple and unremarkable: the feeling of being sensibly rewarded for a good job well done.

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