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Good food, a good book, the love of those who matter...

I was a vegetarian for 13 years during my late teens and most of my twenties, punctuated by several periods of being a painfully spindly full-on macrobiotic-inspired hardcore vegan. And like most vegans, I ate some truly wierd food during these periods, let me tell you. Some of it sublime. Some of it toilet.

During those years, I always favoured - and still do - Eastern vegetarian recipes. Why? Because the food is millenia-old, tried and tested, and just fabulously tasty (I am on a personal quest to promote the fabulous diverse wonders of the pulse pancake to all who will listen).

To paraphrase that Faithless dude, "This (i.e. a well appointed kitchen, with good knives, good ingredients and fresh spices, and a couple of hours to myself) is my church".

Favourite recipes
Some of these I cook every week. Some are a bit more special. All are fab.

Moong dal pancakes with peas
Black-eyed bean pancakes
Gram flour pancakes
Courgette meatballs
Goan meatball green curry
Spiced greens
Potatoes with coconut and chilli
Chicken with coriander and cream
Special basmati rice
Tarka dall
Fried tempeh

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