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Books, articles, papers, opinion pieces and essays

The following is a list of the above - i.e. articles and other publications - that I have produced over the years.

Published books
Jackson, S.A. (2003) Water: A Science Fantasy Novel. E-Book Press. ISBN: B00008K2UI

Jackson, S.A. (1996) Connectionism and Meaning: From Truth Conditions to Weight Representations. Norwood, New Jersey, USA: Ablex. ISBN: 1567501575

Jackson, S.A. (In preparation) The Antinomy of the Liar
Jackson, S.A. (In preparation) Bleeders
Jackson, S.A. (1996) A Dream of Albion

Novellas and short stories
Jackson, S.A. (1996) Either/Or meets Both/And: A Quantum Love Story
Jackson, S.A. (1996) Metacetacean
Jackson, S.A. (1996) Metempyschosis.

Journal articles
Jackson, S.A. (1992) Representation Grounding: Investigating a Connectionist Procedural Semantics for Structural Analogues. PhD thesis. British Library Archive.

Jackson, S.A. (1994) Grounding or Association? Connection Science, 6(1).

Jackson, S.A. & Sharkey, N.E. (1995) Grounding Computational Engines. Artificial Intelligence Review, 8.

Jackson, S.A. & Sharkey, N.E. (1991) A Connectionist Semantics for Spatial Descriptions. In Proceedings of AISB 91, 72-83.

Sharkey, N.E. & Jackson, S.A. (1994a) Three Horns of the Representational Trilemma. In V.Honovar & L.Uhr (Eds) Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks. Cambridge, MA: Academic Press.

Sharkey, N.E. & Jackson, S.A. (1994b) An Internal Report for Connectionists. In R.Sun & L.Bookman (Eds) Computational Architectures Integrating Neural and Symbolic Processes. Dordrecht, the Netherlands: Kluwer.

Sharkey, N.E., Sharkey, A.J.C., and Jackson, S.A.. (1994) Opening the black box of Connectionist Nets: Some lessons from Cognitive Science. Computer Standards and Interfaces, 16, 279-293.

Sharkey, N.E., Sharkey, A.J.C., and Jackson, S.A. (2000) Are SRNs sufficient for modelling language acquisition. In P. Broeder and J.Murre (Eds) Models of language learning: inductive and deductive approaches. Oxford University Press.

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