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Like the sound of rain on glass, a compelling narrative connotes for me familiar, cosy, luxurious enjoyment

I wrote - what I remember and believe to be - my first creative short story (i.e. undertaken by myself and not prompted by a school activity) at ten years of age: it was even illustrated by my best friend Dave who was (to me at the time) a fantastic drawer.

I didn't wrote prolifically. I wrote one short story at fifteen years of age (called "Emperor"), and another (which never had a title, but which featured a character calleed Kajat the Wimp) at sixteen. It was almost ten years later really that I wrote again, this time coming out of my first "serious" (qua fantastic, beautiful, painful and annoying) relationship.

I finished the first draft of Water in the Spring of 1995, living in a beautiful house in Sheffield with Loveday and Dave, and their lovely kids Leah and Joe. And after another ten years, I've managed the output you see below. Pleased with most of it. Even got one of them published, sort of :)

My first novel, and in terms of the narrative, actually the second in the Cardinal sequence: Some time downstream of a possible future history, Earth has become Water in both nature and name, drowned by the liquid embrace of her own swollen oceans.

A Dream of Albion
My second novel: Sexual awakening, emotional torment and the triumph of love over adversity, ecological sabotage, political fiction and drug-induced functional psychosis...

Either/Or meets Both/And
Only really a novella this one (though I did originally have greater plans for it): An everyday story of love, leafu, psychosis and quantum mechanics.

My third - currently WIP - novel. In terms of the narrative, this is the first novel in the Cardinal sequence, and thus a "prequel" to Water. Bleeders unpacks some of the "future history" of Water, telling the story of the Great Dying and the birth of Koy, the Choo Institute and the Monster Boden, set agsinst the rise of Coagulant and their centuries-long moral crusade against the Bleeders.

The Antinomy of the Liar
My fourth - and also currently WIP - novel. In terms of the narrative, the third in the Cardinal sequence, and thus a true "sequel" to Water, The Antinomy of the Liar tells the story of what happens when the metacetaceans and the post-human cultures of Lifeswork encounter the the Ho, truncated gods whose Universe-spanning civilisation was destroyed by the mysterious "antinomy of the liar".

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