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A Dream of Albion

The virginal Sarah picks up an 1800 year old Arab version of the Joy of Sex - a book called The Fountains of Pleasure - and begins to read ... An old man puts an unopened letter into a wooden box containing 128 similarly unopened other letters, closes the lid, and walks away ... Inside a stone cottage in Cornwall, seven members of a Goddess-worshipping lifestyle-Cult meet to go tripping on Apples and Hearts ... Helen and Loveday arrive at their new home in Exeter unaware of their future together as TNT manufacturing Eco-Warriors ...

A quartet of beginnings.

Sexual awakening, emotional torment, and the triumph of love over adversity; ecological sabotage, political fiction and drug-induced functional psychosis : these are the themes, things and events, both mundane and extraordinary, that shape the lives of the characters inhabiting the fictional world portrayed in the novel A Dream of Albion.

The novel is composed of three concurrent narratives, each of which is concerned with a different period in the life of the main character, Thomas Orto, together with the lives of his strange extended family. All three narratives are self-contained, yet inter-connect through shared events, characters, themes and places, so that the novel has an emergent narrative structure greater than the sum of its individual story parts.

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Some time downstream of a possible future history, Earth has become Water in both nature and name, drowned by the liquid embrace of her own swollen oceans.

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