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The Antinomy of the Liar: part three of the Cardinal sequence

Downstream of a possible future history, the Way has opened, Sol system has become a memory, and pockets of Water and Koy are seeded throughout the galaxy by the metacetaceans and their synthetic, attenuated Children.

Intrigued by the cold, reclusive Areordachae and puzzled by the mad remains of the once mighty Ho, human and Cardinal citizenry frolic playfully by the light of countless new stars - chastened by the pervasive, ashen ruins of the Qoth that seem to be everywhere they go, unaware of the true danger that they are in.

In the RooGull lifeswork, the Cardinal Salisbury is celebrating her 1449th birthday when the old Novagaian orbital is attacked, and news comes through from terrified Areordachae at the galaxy rim, of an encroaching darkness, of impossible changes to physicality, of the Antinomy of the Liar.

Human, Cardinal and Metacetacean must join forces with Areordachae and Ho amidst terrified existential wails that the ancient enemy has returned, whilst the cold ruins of Qoth civilisation begin to stir and reassemble...

Part 3 of the Cardinal sequence, The Antinomy of the Liar returns to the universe of Water and Bleeders.

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Some time downstream of a possible future history, Earth has become Water in both nature and name, drowned by the liquid embrace of her own swollen oceans.

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Seeking to engage the mind of the reader as well as their heart, Either/Or meets Both/And is an intellectual love story about (intrinsically ancient and totally fundamental) quantum love.

Nine hundred years before the events in Water, and the planet Earth is nearing the revolutionary Diamond Age of safe and pervasive nanotechnology.

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