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Bleeders: part one of the Cardinal sequence

Nine hundred years before the events in Water, and the planet Earth is nearing the revolutionary Diamond Age of safe and pervasive nanotechnology.

At the forefront of change is the Choo Institute, a research organisation, thinktank and ethical corporation forming the surging economic engine of the new federal Africa under the guidance of its "vision board" of Boden and Elizabeth Wickremasinghe.

Going hand in hand with the nanotechnology revolution beginning to sweep the planet, the Choo Institute is at the cutting edge of ethical, social and political thinking inspiring the idea of "Universal Roogle". Economics, manufacturing, property, citizenship and the fundamental tenets of the "bulk democracies" will all be challenged and eroded by the new potentials of Roogle.

But there are forces opposing the revolutionary philosophies and practises of the new Diamond Age world: Coagulant, a distributed, shadowy religious-military power structure morally opposed to everything the Choo Institute is trying to do. Coagulant is resisting the Diamond Age by all and every means at its disposal. Through the design and deployment of economic, politcal and industrial weaponry it is seeking to resist the social advances promised by Roogle ... and they are winning.

But the Choo Institute is neither innocent nor unprotected in this new age. And it has secrets of its own too - profound, reality-shattering secrets that must soon become common knowledge.

Because Elizabeth and Boden have woken a new, esoteric kind of sentience to the knowledge of its own certain death - and that sentience is stirring from its previously-cetacean dreamtime to challenge not just Coagulant but the entire human species.

Other novels

Some time downstream of a possible future history, Earth has become Water in both nature and name, drowned by the liquid embrace of her own swollen oceans.

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