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Either/Or meets Both/And: A Quantum Love Story

Question : So what’s a quantum love story then, eh?
Answer : Read the novel, and find out.

Either/Or meets Both/And is not a love story or a conventional romance, neither a mystery adventure nor an erotic thriller, though it has elements of all of these. Neither is it a science-fiction novel, despite the appearence of the word "quantum" in the title.

Really, Either/Or meets Both/And is a story about love: sexual love, spiritual love, and intellectual love, and the power of love to transform the lives of ordinary people.

The novel is ambitious, seeking to engage the mind of the reader as well as their heart, concerning itself with the philosophy of love, as well as with the feelings of the experienced emotion. This is because the novel is about another kind of love in addition to the sexual, spiritual and intellectual kinds, a superfically new and esoteric kind, yet one that the reader discovers for themselves as the narrative unfolds to be otherwise, intrinsically ancient and totally fundamental: quantum love.

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