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Water: A science fantasy

Some time downstream of a possible future history, Earth has become Water in both nature and name, drowned by the liquid embrace of her own swollen oceans.

Surviving remnants of a post-terrestrial humanity are banished, living now in their new orbital home Koy, a collection of huge structures built by the incomprehensible, magical new masters of Water - the metacetaceans.

On one of these structures, the esoteric and unknowable Cardinal Manchester is preparing for the arrival of four Trippers, unaware of the events that will soon overtake her, her friends and fellow Cardinals.

Because as the Trippers move around the inner surface of the Novagaian orbital, caught up in their own revelations and experiences, the culture of Koy begins to change. A baffling, inexplicable explosion transforms Oaxaca. Ascii and Verest begin to collide, Lattice begins to unravel - and choo mutations begin to sweep through the machine ecology of Novagaia.

Something is happening.

"Skilfully blending genres and styles, playful, life affirming and daring, Water heralds the arrival of a unique new voice in contemporary science fiction."

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The Antinomy of the Liar
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