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Presentation - used in its very widest sense - is crucial to the effective communication of ideas (qua memes) in any theatre of propositions.

Advertising, marketing and brand companies know this. So (after a fashion) do consumer and lifestyle brands themselves. Peter Mandelson knew it when he switched allegiances from Gordon Brown to Tony Blair in the mid 80s, citing the "presentational difficulties" of a putative Brown premiership. Web agencies like to think that they know this too - but often they don't.

In fact, presentation, brand and communication are all so highly similar (even though the terms are often used very differently) that a distinction between them is in many instances irrelevant.

Whether it's a product launch, academic idea, creative proposal, written specification, narrative, spoken pitch or visual report, presentation is key to how successfully you can get a message (idea, brand, meme) across to an audience.

Of course, I don't mean "presentation" in the sense of having put together something in PowerPoint (such "presentations" can often be a painful and stultifying experience, as I'm sure you've all experienced yourselves). I mean the "whole package" - what you say and write, how you write it or say it; what looks like; what it sounds like; what you sound like; how you appear.

Presence, power and punch - the terms sound a little pompous, but they're on the money in terms of the effect you want to achieve.

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