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I have never craved power, and do not consider myself the kind of person that must always be in charge. My view is that you will miss out on the fun of collaboration if you're too pathologically intent on telling people what to think and believe all the time.

Nonetheless I have generally found myself assuming leadership roles - sometimes reluctantly, if I'm honest - in many of the work and social situations that I've found myself in.

My style of leadership has been variously described as "productive" and "unfocussed", "too aloof" and "not distant enough", etc, etc., and feel free to take from this what you will (I don't bother too much).

I find myself leading because I believe I have good ideas, am talented enough to execute those ideas, and enjoy the process of moulding and directing a group effort to realise those ideas. I've never taken courses, or undertaken training, or been negatively assessed for my leadership skills. I just do what comes naturally, I guess.

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