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I could, of course, wax lyrical about how origination - qua creation or initiation - is the single most important skill that any human being (let alone information architect, designer or other "creative") can have, espcially going into the 21st century.

But instead...

Blamestorming - the massively pointless (yet often highly creative) process that goes on regularly in many organsiations by which employees think up reasons why someone else is at fault for {insert event here}".


[begin rant]
Brainstorms should have no rules. I hate people who espouse "creative processes" and then proceed to sit you in front of a powerpoint for half an hour to explain it. If there's a "formal process" for brainstorming at your place of work, throw it away (preferably very obviously) before you start.

If someone states that they want to "lead" a brainstorm", walk out very visibly: it'll be a waste of time (and tell them why you've walked out too, and encourage as many people to come with you as possible).

If you're sitting down, stand up. If you're standing still, move around. If you're hot, open a window. If you're cold - good. Put on a jumper. Take off your shoes. If the meeting is closed, open the door and invite (anyone) in. If the brainstorm is in a meeting room, suggest you go out to a park or cafe (or pub). If you don't like any of your colleagues...find another job!

And most importantly, if it's not fun, stop and start again another time (but ask yourself why first).

Feel free to ignore any or all of these points. Brainstorming is after all all about bucking trends, breaking conventions, being original and thinking of and about new things that no-one has ever thought of before - how're you going to do that sitting in a suit in a stuffy little boring room with people you don't like for heaven's sake?
[end rant]

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