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"what's where and where's what?"

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What is it?

A content inventory is a cataloguing exercise, where a site is taken apart, page by page and module by module, and tagged with suitable items of defining metadata, which is then entered into a matrix or spreadsheet format.


Conducting an inventory of the content on a site (especially a large site) is of dubious utility at best, and highly tedious and utterly pointless at best. Really, if project stakeholders need to consult a spreadsheet to know what their site is about, then things are in dire shaope indeed.

Content inventory is a classic piece of empty analysis behaviour - and I will do virtually anything to avoid doing (because - have I mentioned this? - it's deathly, deathly dull and life is too short for) such vapid, futile exercises.

Forgive the cynicism (if it appears that way), but content inventories, in my experience, are one of those activities and deliverables that an expensive enterprise-class management consultancy would charge a client several tens of thousands of pounds to produce - for little appreciable benefit to anyone.

What's it for?

Wasting paper. Really. Please. Don't do it.

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